Artist Profile: Perfume

I thought it too.

Grunge is dead.

Grunge put Seattle on the musical map in the ’90’s and forever changed the way we viewed music in  the rainy PNW. Bands like Nirvana, Mother Love Bone, and Green River shaped the Seattle Scene and have become household names ever since.

Apparently, Twitter is a time machine, because I became acquainted with a band that came right out of the flannel-filled days of 1993; Perfume. With the chorus-laden distorted guitars and the garbled, raspy vocals and heavy song structure, there is no way these guys could be from anywhere else than from Seattle.

Perfume is doing something that I think Seattle needs. Bands are coming out that are calling themselves ‘Roots’. That’s fine, they can call themselves roots music, but there is a whole different root structure that Perfume is trying to tap into: Gruge. I love grunge. It may not seem like it, but there is still a place for grunge in Seattle.

You can get a couple tracks, “A Tic Attacked a Toe” and “Mindless Wandering” from the ReverbNation profile or follow them on Twitter. I really like “Tic…”. There is that creeping Nirvana sound that we just aren’t getting anymore anywhere.

Keep it up, Perfume. I like what I’m hearing.

The “How to Make Mindless Love” EP comes out “Soon”!

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