The Good Sin x 10.4 Rog: Late


Have you ever bought an album and all you have to say is UHHH?

If you haven’t, go pick up The Good Sin’s new album, “Late” on Ziibra this Wednesday (7/4). I promise, you will automatically have the urge to groove through your kitchen (because I did).

Hailing from the Central District, The Good Sin has some pretty big shoes to follow: Quincy Jones, Jimi Hendrix, and

 Sir Mix all hail from his neighborhood, and “Late” is the next big thing to drop from this music-centric area.

I think my favorite tracks from this album are definitely “Bad About You” and “Self Talk”. These tracks are really different: “Bad” is about just gettin’ down, while “Self Talk” is absolutely THE CUT, in my opinion. I only expect big things from The Good Sin, artfully mixing exceptional R&B tracks with brilliant verses, I don’t see where you can go wrong.

I highly recommend you pick up this album on Wednesday from Ziibra. Not only is it dope, but buying it through Ziibra is even better. At Ziibra, the more you and your friends buy the record, the cheaper it is! By pledging to buy the album

, you are guaranteeing that you’ll support this artist. But once you share it over your facebook or twitter and your friends hear about your new found music interest, they buy it and the cost goes down! Check them out and pick up “Late” from The Good Sin this Wednesday (7/4).

Check out The Good Sin’s Website  and follow him on Twitter and Facebook

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