Album Review “Pootey Brown Is…” from Sax G

I think the best part about running this blog is the amount of awesome music I get to listen to. Sax G’s album, “Pootey Brown Is…” keeps that dream alive.

Even though there is a lot of hip hop that clogs airplay and makes the top 40 on a weekly basis, there is still hope for some real hip hop to make it, and I think that Sax G is the man to pull that off.

When it comes to hip hop, I don’t really know a whole lot, I grew up listening to Dylan. But I did listen to a bunch of old school west-coast rap from the early ’90’s (and still do). So when I’m looking for new tracks to listen to, I usually try and find something that at least resembles that style.


When I got to “Think 2wice” on the album, I lost it. The first 3 tracks are awesome, with some of the freshest beats I’ve heard from an unsigned artist in a while. But when track 4 hits and you’re hit with “Think 2wice”, and it’s just dope.

The haunting, warbly synth that permeates the whole album is kind of reminiscent of a lot that west coast feel that I love so much, but mixed with a really low, almost R&B influence that I feel Tyler, The Creator must have listened too as well.

(Sorry if that’s not cool, but I feel like there is a lot of similarities between the two; Tyler and Sax.)


If “Think 2wice” is my favorite track, then “Take a Little Time” is my second. It features The Good Sin, which we featured last week, so I was already hyped. But with its mellow, spaced out, almost trackless quality, I was mesmerized by the vocals. Such a great track.

I think overall, this album is great, and is a definite must-buy. Grab it from Ziibra on 7/10 and tell your friends so you can get it real cheap.

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