Album Review: “This Must Be Blood” Francis

Francis is not a new band.

In fact, Sweden has been hiding this “Folk-Rockabily” ( From us for some time, until Francis came out and played SXSW a couple of years ago. Since then, they have been playing and releasing and captivating the feel-goodish indie-rockers in all of us.

Their most recent album, “This Must Be Blood”, definitely hits that same heart string that many of my favorite albums have before. To try and compare them to someone else would be sacrilege, but, if I had to, they are somewhere between a cooler, less-into-clothing (assumed) Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a less frat-friendly Local Natives (also, assumed).

Things I love about this band and this album:

(1) Rhythm

Whoever is drumming on this album is great. The beats might not be technical or complicated, but honestly, the whole album just grooves. (See Track 5, By This Dirty Old View) That’s always something I look for, being a drummer, is how an album grooves. Is there nothing to look forward too? I find myself bobbing my head everywhere with these tracks stuck in my head.

(2) Vocals

The honest, Tallest Man on Earth-esque Swedish accent singing English on the record really adds a dynamic that I love to hear. Listen to track 5 again, don’t get sucked in by the sick groove, and just listen to the vocals. You’ll fall in love. I promise.

As always, Here are my picks for the 2 tracks that are on repeat for me:

2. Traktor

5. By This Dirty Old View

The only bad part of this album is that there aren’t enough tracks! When you finish the 5 tracks, all you want is more. I’ve honestly listened to it 3 times through today, and I’m not even bored of it. There is so much to listen to.

This Must Be Blood”  from Francis is available from Ziibra for another 6 days.

Pick it up.

Tell your friends.

Score a deal.

Support independent music.

Here’s their video for Traktor as well:


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