Artist Profile: Song Sparrow Research

I got an invite to see a show on Sunday to see a band called Song Sparrow Research at the Tractor. It’s always a little weird to go to a show of a band that you have never heard of with the expectation that you are going to give the band an honest, worthwhile review.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised this weekend.

It’s hard to describe a band with so many different styles and sounds going on all at once. You’ve got some heavy influences from Jazz, the technical training of professional musicians, and 5 musicians executing super complex, but equally accessible music. I hope to see these guys blow up.

Take technical Jazz, give it a Dirty Projectors album, take it to an Interpol concert, and raise it in Seattle by parents who loved The Beatles, and that’s what Song Sparrow Research is. All local artists making incredible music.

Their musicianship is not unnoticed. Their drummer is amazing, complete control of the kit, making sounds that I can only dream of. A bass/cello player that literally blew my mind. I mean, honestly, these guys are great. It’s no shock that they are playing KEXP tomorrow, Wednesday the 26th, at noon.

Their live show consisted of their album, Song Sparrow Research, available on Bandcamp. I would definitely go grab it if I were you, as these guys won’t have a $5 album for much longer, in my opinion.

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