Hi Ho Silver Oh My Gosh.

On Tuesday, I headed out to the Fremont Abbey to see my friend, Caleb, play as well as see the hilarious Charlyne Yi (who was, hilarious.) But what was surprising was the headlining act. I’d never heard of them, knew nothing about their sound, but went into their set with an open mind.

I was blown away.

These guys are awesome. Like a post-radiohead indie act with a huge sound. Vocals that’ll break your heart, harmonies that’ll bless your soul, and the most sincere lyrics I’ve heard in a while. What I gathered from the lead singer is that a lot of these songs started out as basic singer-songwriter tunes, without a full band. These bedroom acoustic songs (Check out “Communion”) paired with a full band were absolutely mind blowing.

Unfortunately, the venue, Fremont Abbey, isn’t built for the huge sound that Hi Ho Silver Oh has to offer. But nonetheless, these guys are awesome.

My Favorite tracks from their bandcamp:

My Confessor (On “Big Rocks”)

Showers Without Warning (On “Big Rocks”)

Communion (On “Put It All in One Place and Burn It”)

Listen to their tracks on bandcamp, like them on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, everywhere. Support these guys like crazy. I want them to blow up

Catch them tonight in Boise or this weekend in Utah…

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