Show Review: Moneta

While most people waiting outside El Corazon last night in Seattle were waiting to see Yellowcard, there were many there to see (including myself) Moneta, one of Seattle’s best pop-punk/melodic/rock bands.

Now, the idea of Moneta, the band, isn’t new by any stretch. But after a conversation with one of the three guitarists in Moneta last night, Kevin, I learned that this Moneta is pretty much a new act, with 2 members being original from around 2007.

I have fond memories of seeing Moneta play the likes of KTUB in Kirkland as a teen, and they were really one of those bands that made teen centers cool. Crazy music that sounded like the Taking Back Sunday record that I had on my iPod nano.

This new Moneta did not disappoint. These guys put on a effing great show. The crowd was totally into them, and their stage presence made me feel like they should have been headlining the gig. Their drummer had some of the best moves I’ve seen in a while, too.

thanks for that.

Anyway, their newest album, This is All Happening Now, is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp

Also as a show recap- Yellowcard was awesome! Felt like middle school again…

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