Jessica Lynne – Country Music Review

God…It feels like it’s been a while since Seattle Music Blog was online! We’re back, with a promise to stick around this time. I’ve got a stockpile of great music to share with you so lets get to it!

Jessica Lynne is Seattle’s country sweetheart. By way of Denmark, Lynne’s got that “I am woman, and I’ll kick your ass” spirit of Underwood and the country chops of Parton. You might not know this about me, but I’m a huge country fan. So, having listened to everything from Haggard and Jones to the new country coming out of the radio, I can say with confidence that Jessica Lynne’s got some real country promise.

It’s not often that you hear about a country band coming out of Seattle, but I really do like Lynne’s sound. She’s got an amazing voice with incredible range. Her backing band is super solid, and that’s huge in country.

My favorite track of hers has got to be “Wheels”. It’s powerful, strong, and oozes American Country. click the photo below to go to Jessica Lynne’s Websites and hear “Wheels”!

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