At SMB, we want to give YOU the power to help local musicians get noticed! We want to do this in a few ways:

1. Submit content to us! Shoot us an email with your band’s url, a friends band, or a band that you’re digging on, we want to hear them, and see them too!

2. Share these reviews! Its the social age, we share everything. If we review your album, share it with your followers and friends.

3. If you’ve got a show coming up, tell us!

About the Editor


I’m Alex, a Seattle native dedicated to Seattle music.  I have a passion for good, interesting music that most people won’t hear. My hope for this blog is that I can create content that you can enjoy and share so that these bands can get the recognition they deserve! I can’t stress enough the need for you guys to submit music and artists to me so that I can blog about them! Email me at requests@seattlemusicblog.org with content, questions, and anything else!

Alex Booth

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